Thursday, May 17, 2007

...speed update...

Kate's world on high speed summary (if that's at all possible for her). Pictures to follow later.

Before: Better Half with a moustache and beard (as I met him) / After: Better Half with a naked face. Week-long freakout when I see a stranger in my house wearing my husband's clothes.

Before: Another summer with cute 'n sassy chipmunk, answers to the name Pimpmunk, highly entertaining to entire apartment building / After: Smear on the driveway next door. Immortalized in my flower garden by the upstairs neighbors. Broken pottery shard headstone says RIP Pimpmunk.

Before: Reasonably tidy house / After: Warm weather and cold weather clothes half packed and unpacked (and strewn everywhere) because the stupid weather won't make up its mind.

Before: Sharp sticks and scraps of wool / After: Felted chicken that fits in my hand. It's wee, and I knit it with nary a pattern!

Before: Seemingly endless days of bachelor living with cats / Soon to come: Kate and Heather together at Alex's house. Bwaa haa haaaaaa.


Kate said...

Post Mortem Before: Pimpmunk buried in flower garden/ After: Pimpmunk unearthed in flower garden. Ick. Better Half and post-hole digger redig rodent grave while I try not to gag. I'm pretty sure it was squirrels. Time to get out the high powered squirt gun.

Heather said...

Last chance to stop me from coming! I'll probably check my email in the morning, but after that, it's too late!

Kate said...

really, we're very well behaved together. for anyone who reads these posts and worries about the fate of alex (who must insist on winding us up all the time), he will not be put through a weekend of torture with two food and yarn obsessed sarcastic women. my better half will be there. and... alex rarely gets any undivided attention that he hasn't earned. so please, don't fret.

Anonymous said...