Friday, May 26, 2006


I'm not quite sure what I'm doing out here...

I must have dozens of blank books and journals that I have always fully intended to fill. They're still empty. I'm hoping that having this will encourage me to write down the things that I feel are important to me. Even when it's just a list of complaints. Believe me, there will be complaints. It's not about having other people read it or getting any feedback.

I live on the beautiful coast of New Hampshire, where I have lived off and on for over twenty years now. I love to cook, and I am trying to become better at it. I also love to knit, and I'm trying to get better at that too. For anyone else who knits, socks make me angry. You know what I mean.

Being from New England, I am of course a Red Sox fan. And yes, I was a fan way before they won the World Series. Not like some people I could name. I'm also devoted to the Boston Bruins, and I don't care what any of you have to say about that. We will dominate again some day. I hear they're looking for a GM. I don't hear my phone ringing, people! And I'm glad Joe Thornton and Johnny Damon were traded. Who needs them?

I currently live in an apartment with my significant other and the Insufferable Horror. I will post a picture when I can, and you will see what I mean. We will be moving soon (oh, please, God, let us move) as the tenants upstairs who shall forever remain nameless, are unspeakably impossible to live under. Note to tenants upstairs: Who the hell needs to wear clogs on hardwood floors at two in the morning? I'm really pleased that you no longer have a job, but really, are you doing it on purpose? Am I taking this too personally? Is your seven year old actually on drugs, or does he just sound like it? Does he ever stop running? When will you be getting him his own little pair of clogs?

So, obviously I will try and come back and add more as needed. I hope this works! HK