Thursday, May 03, 2007

GKD Portsmouth Recap

Nothing bad happened! There were a few minor disappointments, but no disasters. My first disappointment was learning that they no longer had McEwan's on tap. I had pretty much planned my night around that for a week and a half. I recovered nicely with another selection, though. Other than that, I'll be the first to say that the food was not that great. We hadn't been there in a couple of years, but the Coat of Arms has been in business for ages and had always been decent. Oh, well, things do change.

Seeing Kate and Steve was really nice. For the information of any newbies, Kate and I had never actually met until now. On our way over I commented to M that it felt a little like a blind date. Would we like each other? Would it be awkward with nothing to talk about? I guess I shouldn't have worried, since there weren't too many gaps in the conversation. Kate and I seemed like long lost sisters from our earliest web meeting, and it was fun to finally see her in person.


Kate said...

old speckled hen on tap in cool glasses(glasses i saw at ikea later that weekend but wasn't allowed to buy). good conversation with funny, intelligent people. what more can you ask for really?

we did finally meet and heather gave me some sock yarn to try. do i knit a coffee sleeve or a beer sleeve with this lovely stuff? something i can look at on a regular basis, because i love the colors. when steve found out that she had given me yarn, and weeks before given me a pattern for a coffee sleeve he said "oh REALLY?!". he seems to be worried that a liking for sock yarn(if not knitting socks) may impact available space in our tiny apartment.

it was a bit like a blind date, but a pretty good one i'd say. steve and i were in a great mood the rest of the night, as we are when we've spent our time well.

next time we see each other, add alex, and stir. he'd better wear his apron.

Heather said...

Enabling works both ways, you know!