Tuesday, May 01, 2007


Kaitie has apparently become a grown-up. At least grown-up enough to be having a European adventure with a cute guy. Most of you won't know who Kaitie is, so I'll give you brief synopsis. I've known Kaitie since she was very small. Small enough to still have a car seat in the back of her mom's car. Her mom, Kathie, is one of my closest friends. It was bad enough when she started to grow up, hard to believe when she got her driver's license, and unimaginable when she graduated from high school. Now she's leaving next week to wander around Europe with no real idea of what she's going to do or when she's going to come back. I'm half excited for her and half terrified to be honest.

Just in case anyone wants to see where she is and what she's doing, I have a link to her journal page over there on the side by Alex.

Safe travels, Kait, and have the best possible time.

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