Friday, May 18, 2007

Lack of Knitting Posts

I haven't posted much about knitting lately. I really should, since it's in the title. (This may not make some of my non-knitting friends and readers happy, but as soon as they accept that it's all about me, everything will be fine.) It's not because I'm not knitting, because I am. I'm just too lazy to take pictures and post them. I'm on vacation next week, so maybe I can come up with an FO or two. Right now I'm making boring old stockinette socks in anything but boring Lorna's Laces Black Pearl. I didn't think the Lorna's Laces yarn would knit up into anything I would like, but it surprised me and is knitting into a beautiful fabric. Sometimes I just need to knit something without a pattern. Now is one of those times. I'm also copying a few other people in blogland who have made or are making afghans out of mitered squares of sock yarn. I have no time table for this, since I have a limited supply of extra sock yarn and a limited budget to buy more sock yarn, so I suspect this will be a loooooong project. I'm heading over to Burlington in the morning, so there might be some new yarn when I get back. Maybe some travelling knitting pictures too. See you soon!

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Kate said...

i have yet to try the stuff you gave me. this is what happens. i love the color, but i just don't know what to make with it. i have to remind myself that knitting can be pulled out, and yarn can be reused. so i should just do it.

it's supposed to be cruddy weather here, and nothing can help but good coffee and yarn shopping.

oh, and making alex slave over dinner on the grill... in the rain. (i wasn't born mean, i swear, it's all environmental)