Friday, June 01, 2007

What I Did On My Spring Vacation

Along with doing many fine and fun things last week, I also took care of some stash-keeping issues. If you ask me, I really don't think I have too much yarn, but I do like to have it all where I can see it. How else will I know what I should use next? Free range yarn is happy yarn, right? M doesn't seem to think that keeping the sock yarn out on the couch (couch, floor, coffee table, bookcase...) can be considered "storage", so I went and got myself a couple of these things...drawers on wheels. Brilliant!

This one holds the sock yarn stash. I'm going to need a second one for the sock yarn since this one is already filled to capacity and the skeins tell me they are feeling a little cramped.

In fact, here's some of that sock yarn. See the blue and purple one up in the corner? That's from my trip to Burlington.

I spent some time working on the sock yarn blanket that I totally stole from
Shelly Kang. I started it by telling myself that it would be a great way to use up leftover sock yarn. Really, what it has done is get me to buy more sock yarn, because I don't have enough leftovers. Hey, I need that yarn. Stop looking at me like that.

This is what the Insufferable Horror did on vacation last week. Secure in the knowledge that someone was home to keep him fed. Isn't there some quotation about sleeping the sleep of the just? This completely blows that theory out of the water.


Kate said...

domino knitting! i just got a book on that because i thought it would be a good way to use up scraps, and would be neat felted. i've not gotten to the part where you join the squares - i'm a stitch 'n squint kind of gal when it comes to learning new knitting skills. hold needles, eye book, eye needles, see if directions make sense in practice, eye book...

your yarn just looks gorgeous all piled up together. that's what a stash is for. mine is currently in a lime green rubber gardening tote. well, some of it. we bought new shelves and steve thought they were for books, but i wanted them to be for yarn. it's a combo, but i'm still dreaming of floor to ceiling yarn shelving.

aww... little pink padded cat feet! he looks like a dear when he's asleep.

Heather said...

The website I lifted the pattern from has a really great tutorial on putting the pieces together. Most of it is worked by picking up new stitches along the edges of the blocks and knitting directly onto them.

I know, aren't his toes great? Such sweet, innocent, pink kitty toes. One of the only things he will allow me to do is play with his feet. He won't let Mark do it, so he must know how much it means to me.

Floor to ceiling yarn sounds like a yarn shop to me....

Joan said...

uh oh, sockaholic. ;-) Is your Burlington yarn from Northeast Fiber Arts?
That blanket is awesome! Keep it up now.

Heather said...

Hi, Joan! Nice to meet you! Actually I bought the yarn on a recent visit over there, and I'd have to check with Kate about the name of the store, but I think it was a Ben Franklin in Burlington. The yarn itself is Cherry Tree Hill Supersock, which is one of my favorites. Yeah, I have some issues with sock yarn. I have more at this point than I can knit, hence the blanket. I'll have to go visit your site. Did you find us through the New England Knitting ring?