Saturday, January 20, 2007

Now We Know

Well, our excitement over being in the top twenty for the Slamdance Horror Competition has come to an end. Oh, well. You know, it was his first try at a screenplay ever and it made the top twenty. I'm still impressed by him, and I'm hoping that that will make it hurt a little less. Thanks for the congratulations and good wishes.


Alex said...

Well, we are all impressed. That is not an easy field to get into, I'm sure...the most important thing is that it was done....I know that sounds cornery, but I often lay awake thinking more about the things I haven't done than the things I haven't won.


Kate said...

alex, that last line was so good, i used it as an anchoring arguement while lecturing a friend. i sounded all smart and pithy, and of course never admitted that i'd plagerized. thanks!

making semi-finalist in your first go is rather a big deal i think! we're not mark's blood relation or partner, so we're certainly less biased when we say we're impressed. we are kate and alex, and that has its own issues... but stil...