Monday, January 22, 2007

Grumpy old winter

I walk home for lunch most days. With the onset of winter, the hill is slick with ice or slush, and I skid and baby step home, praying to the gods of winter sidewalks that I don't land on my tailbone.

I live in an old building that's been subdivided into four apartments. It must have been built before the idea of insulation really caught on - I'm quite sure there is none. All the heat in my apartment warms the floors of my neighbors upstairs, and all the heat in their apartment goes straight up to our "quaint" and "historic" slate roof.

On Friday afternoon, my apartment building bucked and shuddered, windows rattled, I heard a roaring noise - the whole nine yards. I really thought we'd had an earthquake. Realizing what had actually happened, I wondered if I would have to shovel my neighbor's or mail carrier's body out from under the snow. Brained by a heap of ice.
The rattle and roar was an avalanche of white sliding from the warming roof of our building to the path and driveway three floors below. At random intervals, scraps of leftover ice continued to fall and smash on the ground.

I decided to ignore my overactive imagination and head back up the hill. I couldn't very well call in sick for the remainder of the day because I was afraid of being killed on the way out the door. I stepped out, looked up at a looming chunk of ice at the peak of the roofline (2 seconds) and ran like hell for the sidewalk (7 seconds).

I love lunching in my quiet apartment with a good book, so I'll continue the practice.
Should you never see another post from me again it may mean i'm in jail on suspicion of obstructing the federal mail service, or I've been squashed.


Heather said...

Don't worry! I'll come for you! Well, I'll call someone. Maybe Alex will come get you. Hard to say, since I've heard very little from him. He hasn't blogged since he announced us. Do you think the wedding plans are starting to pull him under?

How nice to be close enough to walk to work! The main office of my bank is two blocks away, and I'm trying to do anything I can think of to get transferred there.

Be careful out there!

Kate said...

alex walks by my house on his way to and from class and work. i'm sure if he saw arms and legs waving out of a pile of snow he'd at least stop and laugh. he's good like that.

alex seems to be in project mode. often dangerous. how ARE the wedding plans going i wonder? like an avalanche white stuff?

Ethan Slayton said...

If Alex gets the good laugh of arms, legs akimbo from under a great pile of shnae before me? I'm gunna be P.O.ed. T'aint fair.
Hey! I'm enjoying the bloggin! Keep it rollin' folks.

Alex said...

Yes. Been busy. Been tired. Been uninspired by the news lately. No need to comment on "the surge" and I'm keeping my own council on the avalache of Democrats.

Nice post by the way, Kate! Enjoyed reading it more than I enjoyed work.

Alex said...

Ethan, don't worry.
If I find Kate under a snowbank, I'll call you right away.

You bring beer.


Kate said...

oh ha. i'll need an open fire to warm up once i dig myself out. you two seem fairly flammable most of the time.

jess said...

Toxic though, eh??

Heather said...

Alex would probably spontaneously combust out of pure evil.

Alex said...


jess said...

But would it be a long lasting fire or a poof of stinky air???

Alex said...

Oh, Har de har har is to laugh.

I'll poof ya!

Kate said...

i think a long lasting poof of stinky air.

Anonymous said...

Stinky poof, stinky poof, Alex is a stinky poof! :)