Friday, December 08, 2006

Cyber-Stalking Proves Useful

Even though we are both obviously busy and important people, Alex and I still seem to find the time to wander around the Internet and find things to amuse ourselves. In a fit of cyber-stalking, Alex learned where I work and with who, what my mother-in-law's email address is, and the fact that I am a Notary Public. I found out about his nefarious activities with the Rotary Club, and the fact that there is a business networking website letting the world know that he can provide services for "Radio spot production, jungles, voice-overs, TV animation, copywriting, rich media for the web." Yep, bet you didn't know that about Alex. He can fill all your jungle needs. The Internet is a beautiful, beautiful place.
I also noticed a newspaper quote about pigs, which you probably already know about if you're here. But the bottom line here is, cyber-stalking is amusing and it actually has a purpose. It got you poor, innocent link clickers to my site, reading my nonsense. Thanks, Jungle Boy!


Alex said...


You ALSO have a BLOG, I see.

Alex said...

I think you need to lighten up the regulations on the comments...isn't jumping through the hoop of word varificaion I also have to SIGN IN??

Oh, it burns us, BURNS US, precious.

Anonymous said...

Thanks to Alex - you now have 2 ex-Shrewsburians reading your website!

Send me an e-mail to, and I'll give you an update about what I've been doing the last 30(!!) years. It's only fair, since your stuff is posted on the internet....

Your old classmate/freind,
Joel Korzun