Saturday, July 22, 2006

We Signed the Lease

We handed a total stranger a check last night, and signed a lot of pieces of paper saying that we would agree to pay this stranger lots of money every month and we are assuming that they own the apartment we're going to try to move into next month. I say try, because I have serious doubts about our couch making it even halfway up the stairs. So, why did I give them money and agree to live there, possibly couch-less? I was tired. I am tired. I'm tired of looking. It's a nice place. It isn't perfect, but the hope is that it will be better than now. People have been getting furniture in there for years. Why shouldn't we be able to? Apparently you don't know me well. The most likely outcome will be that the couch will get stuck and it will have to be hacked out with an axe, eliminating the possibility of us selling it to someone with no stairs and big doors. Should I just sell it now?

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