Saturday, June 03, 2006

Flood Watch

I've been trying to learn to crochet for the past few days. Having been a knitter for years, I'm finding it really difficult to get the right hand positions with the hook and yarn. It feels backwards and awkward. I finally bought Debbie Stollers book The Happy Hooker, since I use her Stitch n' Bitch all the time, but other than picking up a few tips that I couldn't get anywhere else, I'm just not getting it. I wanted to learn so I can expand into some free-form knitting and crochet techniques, but it's really been a struggle. I think I've finally accepted the fact that I will be holding that hook wrong. If it comes out looking right, why should I worry? I just won't ever crochet in front of someone who knows what they're doing. Wouldn't want the crochet police to find out!

It's raining AGAIN here. Yet another flood watch. Our favorite drunken dive is still smelly from the last flood. Well, it was pretty smelly before, but it's different now.

Gourmet note for today - I have a nice pork loin waiting in the fridge when I get home. What a yummy dinner that will make on a crappy, cold, rainy night. I'm going to make that mustard sauce again I think...

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