Thursday, June 22, 2006

We Miss You, Kathryn

Does it seem that time passes far too quickly these days? There's never enough time.

M's grandmother died last week, and her memorial was on Monday. We will all miss her straight-forward, no-holds barred, outlook on life. Her honesty was something that is often missing in the cautious, PC world of today. I hope wherever she is, she has a good book to read, and company that isn't annoying the shit out of her.

Connecticut is no longer an option. M was notified the same day his grandmother died. Timing is everything.

Upstairs Girl was out in the back driveway entertaining us the other night. She had on a lovely black formal dress and brought her cd player with her. The music was a lovely screeching, moaning atrocity. She danced around in the driveway with two things similar to fans. They weren't completely fans, they were more like wings, with webbing between the slats. I can't even begin to do justice to the spectacle.

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