Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Frankenchick pics

I promised pictures of the gift I knit and felted (and cut and sewed and cussed at) for Christmas. Not only did I complete the project without taking any photos, but I packed her up, whisked her across international borders, and left her in London without proof of ever having worked on her at all (if you don't count the felted scraps under my desk). The recipient was kind enough to send pictures.

I decided that my chicken loving friend in London needed an obsession appropriate tea cozy. I knit a miniature version. I even knit a swatch for this one... but it didn't do me any good. I cast waaay too many stitches onto round needles, and it wasn't until halfway through cast off that that became painfully clear. Sometimes it seems that cussing actually fuels my creativity, and this seemed to be the case. I figured out a work-around involving scissors, my sewing machine, a dose of my better half's perspective, and went to work.

And truly, she is a frankenchicken. Knit and felted, cut into pieces, and sewn back together again. The handle protrudes from under her tail feathers, and her comb hides the steam spout. Her bottom is ribbed so that it curls round the base of the pot a bit.

I'm happy to say she was a hit, and our friends even tromped her through London for a day. If you want to see the London sights with a felted chicken, you can check it out on YouTube.


Beth said...

OMG! That is a seriously cute tea cozy. Good for you for sticking with it. It came out great.

Alex said...

Yes, we are very fond of the Chicken too and she has become a wonderful addition to our home.

As far as the YouTube Video goes, I would like to point out that no felted chickens were harmed during the making of that video. She now lives on the English Bobby police helmet that Kate's better half bought Bobbi as a New Year's gift.

Kate said...

thanks beth! next on the weird things to knit and felt list is a carrot... maybe some bok choy if i feel brave.