Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Turkey with a side of disaster

This is not my home, thank goodness. I should have sensed a disaster day in the making when I read Heather's post - an earthquake?! Yesterday, someone launched their car into the air and through a living room wall the next town over - can you imagine a car in your living room? And the disoriented driver wandering around your home?

Anyway, the Better Half and I were home, adding up the day. He was kicking himself for a traffic ticket he'd garnered, and I was pulling turkey day ingredients out of our cabinets and muttering things like "Corn syrup, check. Pecans - need 'em". We went out to dinner to decompress a bit, and to do the last of the holiday grocery shopping (you can never have enough cranberries). I needed just one (more) skein of wool for a gift I'm making, so we stopped at a local craft store that carries decent yarn right next door to the grocery store. I found my yarn (and a few other things besides), and we hopped back into the car. On the way over to the grocery store, we heard the wheel rubbing. Somebody had backed into our bumper, cracked the headlight and dented our front fender in enough to make the wheel scrape when we hit bumps.

We were going to go to the Cape to see family on Friday... eat pulled pork and sweet potatoes, sew a slip cover for the futon, walk on the beach, have a fire in the fireplace... and because some rotten individual 1) didn't pay attention and 2) didn't stop and leave their name and contact information, we may not be doing that. Deductibles being what they are, we will probably be paying for this all by our little selves. The Better Half has the car at work today, and a sympathetic coworker may just be able to help us out enough to get us safely on the road for the weekend.

I'm an odd mix of cynicism and naivete. I'm rarely surprised but often terribly disappointed with how bad people can be sometimes. Thank god for car-guy coworkers, they help balance out my feelings about the people around me.

May you have your favorite holiday eats on the table this week, good company, helpful and kind people to offset the nasty types, and a better half who would never blame a fender dent on the fact that you needed yarn.

Merry Turkey!


ccr in MA said...

"I'm rarely surprised but often terribly disappointed with how bad people can be sometimes."

Yes, exactly. There was one of those Awful Stories in the local paper tonight (child abuse), and I just couldn't see how, or why, anyone could do that.

I'm glad that wasn't your house, anyway!

Heather said...

Sorry about your car! Was it the Habitat store we went to when I was there? If so, it was probably worth it. I hope you get to go down to the Cape after all.

I was not very smart and decided to run next door to the grocery store while I was at work this afternoon. Not a pretty sight! I did manage to get what I needed and escaped in under half an hour.

Are you making a pecan pie? I just took mine out of the oven (yeah, it's after ten and I'm still baking pies). I had a little meltdown this evening with my pie crust. I was glad I had made so much pastry, because I couldn't get the crust to stay UP ON THE SIDES while I was pre-baking it. No matter what I did, it kept trying to slide into a puddle in the middle of the pan. I called my mom in a panic and got some tips, and while this may be the ugliest pecan pie ever, it damned well better taste good! Third time is apparently the charm after all.

All the best to you and Steve, and have a great day!

Joan said...

Hope you were able to travel, bum bumper and all!

I saw that car in the house on the news. Jeez! Now that's a crappy Thanksgiving. ;-p

Kate said...

we did travel after all. the cape is pleasantly empty in the fall.

heather, i cheated and used pre-made graham crusts for my butterscotch pecan pie... i do NOT recommend it. the filling bonded a bit too well with the crust and it doesn't come out of the pan without a fight. the chocolate pumpkin pie was pretty good though. i tend to avoid prebaked crust recipes. there are a few crust disasters in the past, tho' i've blocked the details out. your frustration sounds familiar.