Saturday, October 20, 2007

Who Are You and How Did You Get Here?

Okay, so this post is a kind of rip off from a blog that I read fairly regularly. She had a post about how people were finding her blogsite, and it just made me laugh. I also have a program attached to our own little blog that tracks who visits, what they might be reading, and most interesting to me - how they got here. Some people have found us through groups or Ravelry or are already our friends and family. It's the other people that stumble across us that I'm talking about now. Through this tracking website you can find out exactly what people searched to get to us. We get our fair share of "knitting disasters" which seems fairly obvious, what with our title and all. Google also listed us on a search for "knitting engineer." Why, no I'm not, but thanks for thinking such nice things about us! Some of the ones that make some sort of sense based on our posts are "santa atv snowglobe," "eating yarn," "towing flat bed," and "bad neighbor snow." All things we have referenced in some way if not specifically in that order of words. Some of the ones that really make me wonder are "goldfish costume pattern" and "batman zap pow zing." Kate, you may be interested to know that someone in Poland searched for "franken chickens." Does that mean they really exist? Are they common over there? Now, my favorites. The runner up has to be "baseboard heat groan." What an interesting way to put words together. My number one favorite is "stinky hedge bush." First, we have written about hedges and/or bushes. But stinky bushes? These poor people! First the problem of some sort of stinky bush - it must be pretty bad to do a Google search about it. Second, these poor bush afflicted people end up with us. I tend to be a people pleaser and I feel as though I should help them somehow. What kind of bush is it, exactly? Why is it stinky? Is it naturally stinky or has it been made stinky through some strange occurance? Maybe you should just rip it out? I don't know if a bush can be fixed once it gets stinky.

So, you can't hide from us anymore. We may not know who you are, but we know where you are (relatively speaking, that is). I can't always figure out why you're here, so if you stop by, say hi! We're friendly even if we aren't engineers, and we promise to try to help you!


Kate said...

this is fascinating! i think you should write a summary regularly... my imagination loves this way of looking at searchers/readers that end up on our pages!

Heather said...

I'm going to try to make a note of the more interesting ones. The tracking program only holds a few weeks, so I have to keep up with it or I'm sure I'm missing something good. The fact that someone else was looking for franken chickens almost freaks me out a little bit!